• VGJobs Admin
    Aug 24TH, 2014

    The basics of looking for an online game reviewing job

    (The following is an excerpt from the e-book Getting Started in Freelance Video Game Journalism) The online game journalism world is filled with thousands of publications. The vast majority of them are small blogs dedicated to a few specific topics, but there are mid-sized and even a few large outlets who keep the writing world alive […]

  • VGJobs Admin
    Aug 21ST, 2014

    Misconceptions about being an online game writer

    (The following is an excerpt from the e-book Getting Started in Freelance Video Game Journalism) The number one misconception about video game journalists is that we bathe in free games sunup to sundown. Copies of all the latest blockbusters are stacked in the corners of our home offices because, hey, we’re game writers. Gotta have […]

  • VGJobs Admin
    Aug 05TH, 2014

    Which narrative style is best for game reviews?

    It isn’t something non-fiction writers think about often, but is there a preferred narrative voice for online video game reviews/articles? The “good” news is that you probably won’t have a choice! While some sites aren’t as concerned with which voice you use, others insist upon first, second or third person narrative voices for everything from reviews […]

  • VGJobs Admin
    Jul 25TH, 2014

    Words to use or avoid in your freelance writing resume

    A recent study by ZipRecruiter analyzed words used in resumes that were rated highly by employers. The resulting list of dos and don’ts seems a little vague at first, but once you read over them you’ll see what they have in common.  Good advice to keep in mind when creating or updating your own freelance […]

  • VGJobs Admin
    Jul 20TH, 2014

    Video game writing niches you can fill

    One sneaky way to success in the video game journalism field is to fill a niche market, those tiny corners of the business that don’t exist or are poorly represented. The goal isn’t to pick a niche and shoehorn yourself into it. Instead, write about what interests you on your blog. Eventually you’ll notice you […]

  • VGJobs Admin
    Jul 17TH, 2014

    More game review writing tips

    We deployed a handful of tips on writing video game reviews not too long ago. How about some more?! After you get the basic structure of a review down, it’s time to expand. Your writing style is what sets your work apart. It’s why editors seek you out as opposed to your fellow journalists. Once you get the […]

  • VGJobs Admin
    Jul 13TH, 2014

    Want to be a game journalist? Consider volunteering.

    One common misconception I see with aspiring video game journalists is they assume as soon as they write their first review they’ll be rolling in cash and free games. This just isn’t true for any job, writing or otherwise, so why would it be any different in the field of video games? If you want […]

  • VGJobs Admin
    Jul 11TH, 2014

    Polish your writing resume with a few quick tips

    Resume writing isn’t an easy task, even for a career writer. It’s tough to pick which jobs and experiences best represent your skills, and it’s even more difficult to arrange it all so it captures the attention of a potential employer. Use the following tips to refine your online writing resume and give yourself a […]

  • VGJobs Admin
    Jul 10TH, 2014

    Tips on writing video game reviews

    Just like any piece of writing, a video game review should be concise, logical, easy to understand, and above all, interesting. No one wants to wade through paragraphs of dull text. Game reviews are essentially a conversation about a game put into writing. They have an identifiable beginning, middle and end, and they convey information about […]

  • VGJobs Admin
    Jul 05TH, 2014

    Common mistakes writing query letters for online game writing jobs

    Applying to an online game writing job? Better make a good first impression! The query/cover letter is the e-mail you send to a publication that introduces yourself, outlines a brief history of your work experience, and convinces them you’re writer for the job. Here are a few common mistakes freelancers make when crafting cover letters for […]

  • VGJobs Admin
    Jul 03RD, 2014

    Game Journalist FAQ: Just the Basics

    Always wanted to write about video games but had no clue how to start? Get practical advice on being a video game journalist along with answers to some of the most frequently asked game journalism questions. Then head back to the main page and start searching for game reviewing jobs! Woo! How do I get started in […]

  • VGJobs Admin
    Jul 01ST, 2014

    How to Apply to a Freelance Game Writing Job Online

    Getting a freelance game writing gig isn’t the same as putting on a tidy suit and strutting in for a job interview. You have to convince the video game publication that you’re the right person for the job in under 300 words. Good thing you’re a writer and this kind of thing comes naturally to you! The […]

  • VGJobs Admin
    Jan 04TH, 2014

    VGJobs’ Founder Interviewed by RealMatch

    The guy who created VGJobs, John Bardinelli, recently sat down with RealMatch.com for an interview about what it takes to run a niche job board. Spoiler alert: we talked about the initial inspiration for VGJobs, which was about a decade ago, and some of the challenges we’ve faced over the years. There’s also a big high five […]

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    Jun 03RD, 2013

    How to Request Review Copies

    With all the deadlines, harried last-minute edits, and lazy mornings where you just can’t seem to string words together, one upside to being a video game journalist is this: you get (some) free games. Requesting review copies doesn’t mean you get a no-strings attached version of whatever game you want, but it does mean you […]

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    Jun 06TH, 2011

    Link to VGJobs

    Link back to VGJobs using these highly attractive banners. Highly, highly attractive. If you run a gaming website and link back to us with one of these banners, send us an e-mail and we’ll give you a coupon for a discount on job postings. Also feel free to contact us if you need banner sizes […]

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    Jun 01ST, 2011

    Why post with VGJobs?

    Video Game Journalism Jobs is the easiest, fastest way to find writers for your site. It’s that simple. Publications have used us for almost a decade to fill job openings and staff their sites with freelancers of all experience levels. We have an enormous audience of passionate writers who are serious about furthering their careers. […]