11 years, going strong – Hooked Gamers looking for writers (675 views)

About Hooked Gamers
Hooked Gamers was established in 2005 and is one of the oldest volunteer-run gaming sites on the web. We love the creativity and energy of PC gaming and made that our sole focus in 2012.

We regard ourselves as semi-professionals, holding quality, team-play and ethics in high regard. Over the years, our contributors have moved on to write for magazines such as IGN, Eurogamer, PC Gamer, Vice and Gamespot. Others have gone on to work for Rockstar and Indie developers.

We are proudly independent and score reviews based on “fun” rather than production values.

The position
You will be lined up to write reviews. As all of us are volunteers and we have jobs/school/lives to attend to, you will find that the workload is reasonable, though deadlines are strict.

Why Hooked Gamers
Online game magazines come and go – the average lifespan is perhaps 2 years. We’ve been around for 11 and we’re still going strong. This means you can actually put us on your resume and have it mean something a couple of years down the line.

We will provide you with (p)review copies of games to write about and try to stay close to your genre preferences whenever possible.

You will be joining a team of experienced writers, most of which have been with Hooked Gamers for many years. We have things to teach, and we are looking to learn from you as well.

What we are looking for
You are an enthusiastic, motivated self-starter. Your command of the English language is excellent and your writing style leans towards creative more than it does towards elegance.

You deal well with deadlines, consider yourself an “active communicator” and have enough spare time to contribute on a weekly basis.

Prior experience is not required but it does help.