Awesome Gaming / Tech / News / Entertainment Writers Wanted (1012 views)

September 27, 2016

Tech and Lifestyle blog with great potential is looking for journalists, writers, and content agencies to contribute regularly. Contributors can submit news stories, list-based articles, “best of” opinion pieces, and review articles.

Your work should require no editing, containing images related to the content.

Those interested in becoming a regular contributor will ideally have an understanding of writing for a website, including optimising the article for search engine performance(SEO), and be able to conduct a keyword research around the topic.

Applicants that are accepted will be able to contribute articles in any of the following formats;

News storiesĀ 

Research and write tech, science, or lifestyle news stories on a daily or weekly basis. You will be expected to write news articles that exceed 250 words. Subjects often include new devices, trending topics, technology breakthroughs, science, viral videos, rumours, and anything else fun or entertaining.

You will be required to identify a trending news story and write, or rewrite, around the topic, product and/or service details. You should be capable of sniffing out the lead in a press release or identifying trends and patterns in the industry.

List-based articles

Research and write list-based articles on current trending topics in the industry, focused around Tech.

Ideal candidates should write original content that is informative, and will catch the readers eye. A passion for viral trends is an asset for writing list articles.

Best of, Top #, and Review type articles

Contributors wishing to write opinion articles will be required to research top products, services, and provide detailed information for a specific group of products. Best of articles should be based around one specific group of technology that is currently trending, such as “Best Phones of 2016”.

Review articles will require the ability to formulate, and back up, opinions on the product or service currently being reviewed.

If your application is accepted you will gain instant access to a contributor account for the website, where you will be able to submit articles on a WordPress platform. You are welcome to submit as many articles as you’d like daily, as long as they are original content.