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rKade – A little bit about us. 

rKade was created by me, Kade McConville in 2011. I got p***ed off with how gaming sites were run; often sitting on the fence with their cautious and frustrating approach to journalism. On top of that, retailers really don’t do the gaming world justice either. It’s always a bit boring and the experience of buying games can be a forgettable one. It shouldn’t. 

Enter rKade. We offer gaming news, forums and an online store – all in one place for user convenience.

Our mission is;

  • To provide a complete gaming website for our users.
  • Transfer the same level of excitement of playing games through to our website.  
  • Offer totally honest opinions and relevant news in a modern and vibrant way.
  • To make gaming cool. We are pretty trendy if you ask me!
What makes us different…

The Big 3

News, Forums and Store all in one place. The ultimate gaming site.

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Everything you do gives you rKade Points. The more points you get, the higher your rank. Not just a way to brag, but they also to give you extra rKade goodies – more on this soon! 

It’s Free

Who doesn’t love something that costs nothing? In return for helping rKade to grow, we promise to continually deliver our users a better experience.

What We Want From You…
  • 3 Articles Per Day on Average // PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Popular gaming articles.
  • These can include reviews, opinion posts, press releases, YouTube Videos, quirky news etc. 
  • PERSONALITY! Hugely important. rKade does not do boring. We want humour, facts, substance, purpose and passion.
  • rKade will provide total creative freedom to you as a journalist. We want your personality to come through. Always. 
  • With our current journalists – we have a pitching discussion via email where you submit a few themes for exploration. We then find which will be the most engaging article and hand the reigns to you! 
  • Despite that, we are always available for communication 24/7. We love keeping in touch with you through the process. 
  • Commitment. We will invest in you, so we expect the same in return.
  • If you are more of a video kinda person, please feel free to get in touch to explore our YouTube/Streaming positions that we are looking to fill.

After your first month of voluntary work with us, we will have a casual chat with how successful your work has been with our users; how we can help you more, and if there’s anything more we need from you.

I believe in looking after people, so it is my firm belief that if you’re good at something, you should be rewarded. After your first month, we would like to offer you a paid freelance position if your work fits what we are looking for.

We look forward to you joining the team!

rKade is continually growing and has now gone full-time as of October, 2016. We are currently hard at work with negotiations that could see rKade grow even bigger. This is a very exciting time for rKade. 

To Apply;
  • Please send an example of your work.
  • At least 300 words.
  • Can be a review, news story or even a video!
  • Optional CV is also recommended.

Be a part of a growing company today and let’s make something really, really special.

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