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– About your new company

There are over 1.2 billion mobile gamers worldwide. 59% of them spend over 15 minutes searching for a game that, 72% of the time, they only play that game once or twice before they uninstall it. The app stores have over 1.5 million games (growing by 400/day) and are unable to cope, simply creating more categories to search through. People are also left to manually organise the games on their devices, quite often leaving some unused for over 6 months!

ANDi is your personal mobile gaming assistant which makes finding new mobile games to play an easy and fluid process by actively recommending games based on your mobile gaming history. ANDi also helps you manage the games you currently have, helping you choose which game to play or remove at the best times.

Our early stage Android app launched in January 2017, boasting a ‘Tinder for Games’ feature that learns which games you like as you swipe as well as a proactive notification system to re-engage our users.

In April 2017 ANDi Games Ltd was accepted into the Facebook FbStart Bootstrap incubator program.

We want ANDi to be YOUR personal gaming assistant. Not just making real recommendations based on real user data, but to also provide the latest updates across the industry. This includes news, reviews, features, interviews, opinion pieces, events coverage, interviews with VR developers, behind the scenes features with indie developers and how they manage the rapid changes in technology. But to do that, we need your help! Could you write for the ANDi Blog?

– About your new colleagues

Ben Woolf (CEO) deals with overall company ops, investors and partnerships. Sam Koch (CTO) builds the tech powering ANDi. Kris Wingfield-Bennett (CMO) handles our marketing and website, including the blog and content writers. Each of us are absolutely motivated to make ANDi a major success. With regards to work ethic, we are very flexible with time you commit, we’re onto something with incredible potential so we’re doing all we can to make it happen.

After joining Wayra, the accelerator run by Telefonica (o2), in February 2017, we started working alongside industry experts, some from Amazon and Google, who run regularly workshops.

– About your new role

You will join a team of voluntary content contributors including Kassandra and Michael from the US and Viki, Sam and Beth from the UK. The team is run by Kris, our Chief Marketing Officer.

We are looking for writers or those interested in YouTube, who are keen to concentrate on the following areas;

  • Mobile Gaming News (Android, iOS, Fire OS)
  • Mobile Game reviews. We’d welcome your own reviews whilst you play games, but will also recommend games we’d like to be reviewed as well as provide promo codes for games we are sent.
  • Top 10 Lists including best Card Battlers, Top 10 RPG’s available on mobile, Top 10 Celebrity games, the list is endless.
  • AR and VR – We’d love to increase the coverage of mobile based AR & VR. From accessories, to the games themselves. We are building several partnerships at present, so in the future we may be able to provide headsets for review. However, for now, news around AR & VR, reviews (if you have a headset) and opinion pieces are ideal.
  • Insightful articles around mobile gaming. Mobile games revenue now exceeds that of both PC and Console, and doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. Almost everyone you know plays a mobile game. We would love writers to come on board who can think outside the box, and write thoughtful opinion pieces on anything to do with mobile gaming. Examples include articles on indie development, mobile gaming habits, accessories, thoughts on In App purchases etc. The sky is the limit.

We are looking for writers who are keen to have their voice heard and get stuck in. You’ll be free to pitch article ideas to us, as well as be provided with ‘assignments’. We are not looking for writers who need to be asked to write something and when it comes to dishing out promo codes or even hardware to review, those who have shown willing will be chosen first.

– Skills you should have

We’d ask that you have some writing ability and experience with the English language. It doesn’t matter if you’ve not written for another blog or outlet in the past, but a desire to have fun and get your ideas across in an informative manner is key.

Whilst we cannot currently pay our writers, we hope we can interest you with the following:

  • All your written work is published on
  • Author Profile attached to each article containing links to your own personal website and social networks.
  • Featured on a “Freelance Content Contributor”
  • Our tech team are busy behind the scenes integrating our blog with the ANDi mobile app. Your articles could be featured within the app to users the world over.
  • You’ll be invited to join our company Slack group and will have access to join in the conversation within several open channels, providing access and insight to the wider ANDi Games start-up team.
  • You’ll also be free to join the private ANDi Beta Testers community on Google+. This group help us test new features and find bugs. As ANDi grows, we’ll be looking for ways to reward our Beta testers for their work and input.
  • We’ll provide you with the games and hardware to review. This may come as promotional codes for mobile app stores or just links to free games we’d like covered. You are encouraged to submit reviews of games you buy yourself also.
  • ANDi volunteers and attends some of the biggest game and technology events in the world. From TechCrunch Disrupt in London to Pocket Gamer Connect, EuroGamer, Mobile World Congress and others.  We’ll be looking for people to come with us to future events to help provide coverage. We’ll be able request press/trade passes for your favourite gaming events and can even send you to behind closed door launch parties. Goodie bags anyone?
  • ANDi Games is a registered member of both TIGA and Ukie. You may be called upon to attend members only events to provide coverage in and around the UK, gaining access and exposure to some of the industry’s biggest names.
  • ANDi Games Ltd is running a weekend hackathon later in 2017 in partnership with TIGA, Ukie and Wayra UK. Participating teams will be competing to create a game in 48 hours. You’ll be invited along to take part, provide coverage and get involved!
  • And of course, you’ll be working with one of the most exciting UK start-ups in the Gaming Industry. There is no end to the possibilities this may bring you, insights into start-up culture, meeting the team in London and potential future paid positions within ANDi Games Ltd.
  • And finally, we would encourage you to add your position with us to your C.V – We’ll even provide references upon request.