Feature & Review Writers (315 views)

We are Twisted Bard Gaming and we want you to help us make some great content!

Let’s get the awkward stuff out of the way first. No, we can’t pay you. We can’t pay anyone, not even Timmy and his cat with diabetes. We can’t offer you exposure either, as we are still in the process of growing our own little corner of the internet. Having only recently gotten started on our YouTube content and continuing to grow the reach of our written work, we’re looking to expand our little team into a slightly larger team.

What you’re still here? Great!

What we can offer you is the chance to join a group of passionate gamers who love talking and writing about games. We want our writers to put their stamp on what they create – that’s what Twisted Bard Gaming is all about, putting our own personality at the heart of everything we do. We cover all games on all platforms and no idea is a bad idea (except feeding that cat all those sweets, right Timmy?)

We will read, edit and provide feedback on everything you write for us to help you find your voice as a writer, and support you in your quest for a paid writing gig. All work you participate in will be credited to you, and will ALWAYS be credited to you, so you can use it to build a portfolio, or even get really stuck in and come with us on the journey we hope to travel over the coming years of making a great community of people making funny and interesting content for an active audience.

What we are looking for right now are people to write features for us, and while we would love an article from you once every few weeks, there is no minimum commitment just keep us in the loop if you need to step away for a bit.

You can be from any walk of life, of any corner of the globe, we don’t mind. We only ask the you’re English speaking and have a true passion for gaming.

If Twisted Bard sounds like the place for you, please put together a 400 word feature on any recent video game topic that interests you and send it over to rob@twistedbard.com

We look forward to hearing from you.