Contributing News Writers Required (303 views)

PN2 ( is on the lookout for some tech savvy and creative writers to contribute consistent and entertaining articles on the latest and upcoming indie and AAA games.

We’re in the most envious era of the gaming industry, one where anyone, anywhere can make a video game and bring light, fun and engaging content to the masses. We here at PN2 are in the business of sharing those games with you, so you don’t miss a hidden gem. Whether it be an independent title, a handheld mobile classic or a AAA powerhouse, if it’s entertaining to us, we want you to know about it. But we can’t do it alone. We need likeminded gamers to help contribute and grow on our established formula.

What we need are either experienced or capable writers who are willing to create a number of news articles per week, based on either new announcements, press releases or games discovered through research.

The following skills are what we consider appropriate for the role(s):

  • Knowledge of the written word. Witty and clear/concise writing is the key. Whether you have been published previously or not is not a requirement, as long as you can prove your potential to us.
  • The time available to write a handful of articles per week.
  • The ability to research new games to discuss with our audience.
  • The ability to turn a press release or announcement into a compelling and entertaining article.
  • Experience is a plus but not essential. If you’re keen to get into the journalism scene but need some help, we’re happy to lend a hand and give you the experience you need.
  • We’re happy to work together with pre-existing channels or websites where appropriate, so don’t be afraid to ask.
  • A Twitter or Facebook account is highly important, to be able to share your story and communicate with fans, the industry and those interested in what we do.

To begin with, this is a Freelance/unpaid position, but as with everything of this ilk there’s always the possibility of paid work down the line. We are open to contributors world wide, but Australia and New Zealand writers are preferred.

If any of this interests you (and we sure hope it does), click the ‘Apply’ button below. Good luck! :)