Culture of Gaming is looking for Writers and Editors (103 views)

Culture of Gaming (CoG if you will) is an up and coming new website, featuring
the latest and greatest video game news, editorials, and reviews for all
to see.

We are a long standing and friendly team that has been working
together for a couple years now to ensure that the best video game related
content reaches the eyes and ears of the amazing gaming communities. While
CoG is a brand new adventure there is no lack of experience or attractiveness
(in the case of like 10% of us) within our ranks. We are incredibly passionate
about the gaming industry and all spend at least a couple hours every day
playing on their assorted consoles.

This is a brand new venture for us at CoG and for that we need talented
individuals (that means YOU…or possibly your brother…or sister) to join us as
we carve a new frontier of video game journalism. We are on the lookout for
Staff Writers and Senior Writers to deliver the highest standard of content
possible, as well as the best Associate Editors so that CoG runs as well as it
does in our minds.

Staff Writers
The writers at CoG are the life force of the site, never stopping, with an intense
focus and a love of all things gaming. The perfect writer will be versatile jack of-
all-trades able to construct editorials, general news, and game reviews.
Feel free to apply if you:
-Are incredibly passionate about any aspect of the game industry and want to
share that passion with the world.
-Are proficient in writing editorials, reviews, general news and any other
writing task that may arise.
-Have impeccable English and word-putting-together skills
-Are a genuinely nice person
-Is able to contribute meaningful, unique content to the site on a regular basis
-Wants to work with a great and talented team of gamers and writers.
-Hold themselves to a high standard.

Senior Writers
The senior writers at CoG are those writers in charge of the bigger articles. The
bigger reviews. The biggest content. Apply for the senior writer position now if
you can;
-Do all of the above to a high standard.
-Have a flexible schedule for breaking content.
-Exude an air of power.
-Be professional both on and off the site.

Associate Editors
We are also on the hunt for associate editors (who hate sports games – I am
just kidding, that’s just me) who can manage content put out by the writers,
ensuring that the format adheres to the standards set by CoG and that content
gets out in a rapid and regular basis.

Jump into this shark tank if you;
-Have a mastery of the English language, including spelling and grammar.
-Can fix any errors in formatting or flow before content is published.
-Be incredibly professional especially when talking to writers and other editors.
We at CoG wish you all the best of luck and hope you will apply to join our
amazing team. You will even get access to the voice chat. Trust me you want
access to the voice chat. All you need is a laptop, a console and a love of all
things gaming. What are you waiting for? Feel free to drop us an email at

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