Editorial & Curation (258 views)

The goal of Blqcksheep is to Create New Art Styles, by first analyzing styles from Animated works like Adventure Time or Spirited Away, then taking their best elements and creating something new from them.

In our Editorial department, writers describe the art of shows like Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and Naruto, verbally writing about each of their elements and how they’re combined to create a style. While our Curators take snapshots of shows and organize them into galleries, divided into artistic elements like figures, backgrounds, and color. The core of our site is Concept Development where we write concepts (or design documents) for new art styles, by describing them verbally and supporting the description with visual references. After concepts have been written we work with artist, who create the image based on our published concepts.

Simply put. We Analyze art, Imagine new art styles, then work with artist to create them.

Right Now we’re looking for writers experienced either in writing about art or writing for an online publication, to lead our Editorial Division. We’re also looking for curators who are familiar with organizing a gallery or skilled in composition (i.e photographers, people who can work Photoshop) to lead our Curation Division. Everyone working on the site will have the opportunity to create art that is unique to them.

If this sounds interesting, you can submit your application by following this link (https://blqcksheep.com/app) and completing a short form. if you’d just like to know more about the project, the site is blqcksheep.com and you can always email me at jason@blqcksheep.com.

Be Inspired & Be Creative.