Content Writers Needed For Fast growing website (289 views)

ScreenCritics is a multimedia website that began operations in 2016. We’ve taken several forms throughout the year as we adapted and changed to meet our rapid growth. Presently we’re looking to expand our writing team, bring some fresh perspective into the site and help to give you a say on the things you care about. 
About Us

2016 was a huge year for ScreenCritics. In total we achieved just over 400,000 website hits and managed to forge a number of industry relationships. We broke several industry stories and were linked to by international media outlets such as IGN, BBC and more. We believe in having a very clear opinion on all things we cover and we feel that our audience respects this about us.

In 2017 we want to continue to grow and make our mark on the wider industry. We want to be seen as a standout performer within the industries we serve, bringing new insights and opinions to the table where others won’t. We have extensive ideas on how we want to grow, so we look forward to working with you on them.


What We’re Looking For

We’re looking at bringing people on board who have a point to prove. We’re looking to expand our team and aggressively expand. We have hugely ambitious plans and we’re looking to bring people on board who share that ambition, and maybe want to take their first steps into the industry.

We focus on opinion pieces, critical analysis and series pieces. All of our writers have the ability to begin and maintain their own series if they so choose. There are examples of this across the website, including our popular ‘Revisiting’, ‘Gaming Icons’ and ‘Ranking’ articles.

Right now ScreenCritics covers a wide range of topics, including;

  • Video Games
  • Films
  • Television
  • Wrestling

All of our writers are free to write about any of these as they choose. If you want more information on specifics, drop us a message and we can discuss the position more.


What We Want From You

We don’t press for deadlines here. All of our writers can come and go as they please. The main thing we ask for though is commitment. We have big plans and we want to form a strong core team upon which the site can move forward. The faster we grow, the more you benefit with us.

What we do ask is the following;

  • Can commit to submitting minimum of 1 opinion piece a week – 500 words long.
  • Able to work with the editorial team and take feedback.
  • Willing to discuss ideas for the site moving forward.
  • Can provide an example of your work or potential work.

When applying, please include a copy of your work (Published or not, we don’t mind about experience) to showcase your talents.

That’s it really. If you’re interested and want to talk about it more.

We’ll work to get back to you as soon as possible.