Gamer Professionals Needs News Writers (602 views)

Gamer Professionals just recently completed its next expansion project, and with the expansion of the website comes a larger desire to expand our staff to keep up with the demands. As such, we are actively searching for volunteer news writers to help aid the website in covering events like E3!

About Gamer Professionals, LLC

Gamer Professionals, LLC is a news, editorial, and review site. We have also just expanded into podcasting and YouTube for news delivery. What that means is that we cover the games industry’s latest information and bolster that with original content and in-depth analyses on titles from a more academic perspective. This is a relatively new project that launched in August 2015, thus this means that we are currently on a volunteer basis for our recruitment process. Our primary aim is to diversify the voices found in games media, and include those from academia and other professional fields that do not have a platform to speak about the industry at large.

What positions do we need? 

  • News Writers 

    We need YOU for E3 coverage! These are the bread and butter of what we do here, as there is always news to post. Our main requirement here is whether you can put together sentences in an understandable matter. You can get bonus points for your enthusiasm and ability to take your news writing a step further and analyze just what it is that you wrote about. You will need to know where to comb for news. One aspect that you will need is to make an account with us on Slack, and collaborate with our team frequently. No communication for extended periods of time is subject to dismissal – this goes for all positions.  

How to Apply

Send an application and some writing samples – we’ll get back to you within 72 hours. If we fail to do so, follow @GamerProsNews and ping us – we’ll get on it!

As a side note – if your writing isn’t top notch, don’t fret because there are quite a number of factors our hiring staff take into consideration during the process. Be confident in yourself and good luck!