Gamer Professionals Seeking Volunteer Staff Writers of All Kinds (893 views)

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking a look at Gamer Professionals. We’re looking to make some new waves in the industry by bringing forth talent from other fields that extend beyond journalism, because these fields have voices too! That doesn’t mean that journalists aren’t allowed! So long as you meet basic qualifications, you’ll be fine!

Gamer Professionals, LLC is a news, editorial, and review site. What that means is that we cover the games industry’s latest information and bolster that with original content and in-depth analyses on titles from a more academic perspective. This is a relatively new project that launched in August 2015, thus this means that we are currently on a volunteer basis for our recruitment process.

 We need the following positions filled as the holiday season gets into swing:

News Writers

These are the bread and butter of what we do here, as there is always news to post. Our main requirement here is whether you can put together sentences in an understandable matter. You can get bonus points for your enthusiasm and ability to take your news writing a step further and analyze just what it is that you wrote about. You will need to know where to comb for news. One aspect that you will need is to make an account with us on Slack, and collaborate with our team frequently. No communication for extended periods of time is subject to dismissal – this goes for all positions.  

Editorial Writers

For our Editorial Writers, you have to be willing to think outside the box. Think outside the box, and be able to bring forth a discussion that ignites a spark in people’s minds. Our Editorial Writers are tasked with weekly production of original written work of your own design. We don’t give you topics or “homework” to write about, so being creative and detail-oriented in your work is a must. This position requires a significant work load compared to a News Writer, and all of your work will get approved by Senior writers before going public and will be verified by the Chief Editor or Managing Editor in the editing process. You need to be able to take on criticism from your editors as well.

Video Content Creators and YouTube

Here is a nice field to jump into that can go quite literally anywhere. We started a YouTube at some point that never really took off, and we’re looking to revamp it up. Video work and editing skills recommended. You can do quite a number of things with this – theorize, video reviews, opinions, whatever suits your fancy so long as it aligns with our values and what we seek to achieve in providing high-quality discussion. Show us what you can do and if you do a good job, we’ll hand over the keys to the channel!

How to Apply

Send an application and some writing samples through this site – we’ll get back to you within 72 hours. If we fail to do so, follow @GamerProsNews and ping us – we’ll get on it!

As a side note – if your writing isn’t top notch, don’t fret because there are quite a number of factors our hiring staff take into consideration during the process. Be confident in yourself and good luck!