GamerTime is Expanding. Writers, Reviewers and Admin Team Applications are Being Taken (556 views)

After months of rebuilding from the ground up, GamerTime UK is finally ready to head a massive recruitment drive and give plenty of writers the chance to succeed in the games journalism world. With a proven track record of developing writers, GTUK commits plenty of time to helping you hone your craft. You love games? Great! Here’s a platform for you to share your opinion with the world.

With a new focus on opinion based articles, we are giving more and more writers the opportunity to say what they want. We don’t like to censor writers. One of our core values at GTUK is honesty. We strongly feel as journalists, you should speak the truth, and we will never stop you from speaking your mind.

Whilst all of our writers write for free, we offer some fantastic benefits that other people don’t.

  • Training from professional writers (if you want it) with a view to developing yourself as a writer.
  • The opportunity to have your work read by thousands of readers.
  • The opportunity to recieve Press Passes to events such as Gamescom, Insomnia, Play, Comicon and of course E3.
  • Monthly writer Prizes. From cash to games. Anything you would like to be a prize can be…
  • The opportunity to review games. All writers keep the games they review and so long as the review is turned around quickly. The list of games you can review is never ending.
  • Serious committed writers can pay for their own email address and we will teach you how to get your own review copies. You will learn the in’s and outs of PR and be able to liaise with games developers all over the world.
  • The opportunity to take part in our iTunes ranked Podcast when we begin recording season 2
  • References for other jobs to other sites. We aren’t bitter if you want to move onj to bigger and better things, in fact, we will help you!
  • Write as much or as little as you want! We will work around you and all that we ask is that you stick to your schedule.

These are just the highlights, there are of course many other perks to writing for an Independant site that we can offer.

Writers and Reviewers

All of our writers love getting review copies, but as we expand, it means we also receive a lot of review codes. Most of these are PC but we do get plenty of console codes for AAA games too! Weare looking for a PC Reviewer who wants lot of games to review alongside their usual writing commitments. All of our writers get the chance to review, so if you want to try reviewing games, as well as writing other content for our site, please let us know.

Senior Team Member

We are also looking to add another person to our management team. We have a small team of admins above our editors and writers who help keep the site running. This includes running the social meda pages, dealing with all the staff, brand changing, podcasting. The list goes on!  If you want to be part of a adventurous project, and have a bit of free time to spare we want to hear from you. All applicants for this position must be 18+ , have worked within a games website before and be able to provide a reference.

If you feel you are a great writer, or you want to learn to be a great writer, we want you. Applicants must obviously posses a good level of written English and be active on social media. Applications can me made on this site or emailed directly to Mike at

We aim to reply directly to everyone, but apologise if we can’t. We will try get back to everyone within 5 days.

We can’t wait to meet you.