– multiple roles available (675 views) is hiring. Our new site is on schedule to launch in February and we’re looking to take on some new names across multiple volunteer roles. Alongside gaming/movie/TV-related reviews, features, previews, opinion pieces and news posts, we aim to highlight super cheap online deals for games, movies, tech and gadgets.

While we are a new site, we’re hitting the ground running with over 330 reviews and over 160 feature articles. We’re on the map with social media too with over 20,000 followers on Facebook and 6400 on Twitter.

Deal Hunters (UK/US)

If you know how to find the best deals online for the latest games, Blu-rays, DVDs or essential home tech we want to hear from you. As a deal hunter, you’ll highlight any competition-beating deal for our readers while telling them a bit about the item itself and linking to any of relevant reviews or features too. We’ll be highlighting deals in both the US and UK.


Regularly buy or rent the newest gaming releases or love visiting the cinema? This one’s for you. Reviews for full-sized games and movies would need to be a minimum of 600 words, scored out of ten, have a pros/cons list and a ‘Short Version’ summary at the end. I have a strong history of obtaining free review copies and codes, so reliable members of staff are likely to have some thrown their way to review.

Features / Opinion Piece writers

Can you turn a current news topic into a hot opinion piece to get people talking? Maybe you enjoy writing Top 10 pieces or survival tips? If an upcoming game has you excited we want you to let people know why. An understanding of heat on N4G would be a big help here as it’s a key component in driving new traffic to the site.

What’s in it for you?

  • Potentially large audience to see you work
  • Linkable author profile is great for your CV/Resume
  • Editorial help and advice from an experienced Editor
  • Potential press passes for expos
  • Press preview invites
  • Potential free review copies
  • Will supply a reference for reliable staff

How to apply

Email with ‘Job Application’ as the subject. This option is preferable over clicking the Apply button at the bottom of this page.

You can apply for as many positions as you want as being able to post varied content is a major plus. Attach a CV if you have relevant experience. Don’t worry if you’ve not been published before, any writing samples you send will do instead. Excellent spelling and grammar are essential. US or UK English is fine.

Please list the following:

Age: (attendees of any press events/expos will need to be 18+ and I’ll have to be mindful of age ratings when sending out review copies)
Location: (Country/City)
Twitter handle: (very handy to help promote posts)
N4G profile: (if you have one)
Platforms: (any platform you can review games on)

Deal Hunters: Write up two deals and email them as a Word document. You can write them about games or movies. Feel free to inject a bit of humour and try to come up with an enticing title. Use the links below as rough template guides, but don’t worry about a picture.

Please state your location in your application and tell us what sites you’d use to find cheap deals. Having an N4G account is a big plus to applying. Let us know if you have any experience with affiliate linking or social media promotion too.

Reviewers:  Send in a minimum of two review samples of games or films released since September 2015. These can be ones you’ve had published online or simply send them as Word docs.

Features/Opinion Piece writers: Send us at least one sample article. Minimum 500 words. This could be a reaction to a recent news story, a preview, Top 10, Top 5, or maybe a close examination of a specific element of a game. No flame-bait, but if you can nail a cracking headline and back it up with a sensible article for N4G and our social channels you’ll be most welcome.

Essential Requirements

  • Excellent spelling and grammar
  • Strong gaming and/or movie knowledge
  • Will commit to submitting a review when agreeing to do so
  • Keeps up to date with new releases (game or film reviewers)

Bonus requirements

  • Past experience posting articles online
  • Can write news posts
  • Can submit/approve articles on
  • Can bring in traffic from outside sources
  • Enthusiastic about TV shows
  • WordPress experience
  • Basic picture editing with Photoshop, PhotoScape etc
  • Can create videos (reviews, Let’s Plays etc)
  • Social media promotion experience
  • Affiliate linking experience
  • Can travel to London for preview events
  • US applicants near major cities may also get press invites