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Want to break into video game journalism? Have a taste for helping those budding YouTubers achieve success? or both!? The Gamer Square is the place for you.

TGS is a small team of writers that put out gaming news, reviews, editorials, Interviews and whatever else we can think of to build our membership base and develop our ever-growing community. The site currently has some openings for writers with a big passion for the industry.

Writing Team Member

Applying for this team means that you dedicate yourself to gathering the news, reviewing games or whatever assignment the day calls for. There will be a minimum of 1-2 articles per week with the topics usually being your choice outside of special events. Communication is key, so you’ll also have to communicate on our official WhatsApp channel when you get up an article. Our editor will then take a look at what you’ve typed out and boom, all done.

This is a volunteer position currently but there will be plenty of opportunities to get your hands on beta keys for game reviews/previews should you wish to take on the challenge. Should the voluntary position change, those that have shown loyalty to TGS will be compensated as best we can. If you find yourself interested in throwing your hat, pens and notepads into the ring you can forward a short description of your history with writing of any kind and which slot you’d like to fill.

If you wish to check us out before you apply please feel free to check us out over at.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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