Gamingrev In Need of Writers (578 views)

September 19, 2016

After months of slumber Gamingrev will Rise Again
Due to work commitments I haven’t had time to update my website which has caused it to drop considerably

It pains me to see a website which I have worked so hard to build fall in such disarray

I created Gamingerv as a hobby site to talk about how I feel about games and have funded it out my pocked for more than six years.

I am looking for people to help write articles for the website and keep it alive by contributing to it.

You will get the following benefits

*Gamingrev Is established as its been around over six years

*At its peak when articles are submitted can get close to 60-80 thousand visits a month, most in one month was 130,000 unique visitors.

*Experience in writing articles and having a base to share them with others

What I need from you

*Commitment to write one or two articles a month
*No Hate speech or any sort which discriminates against Race, Gender or religion
*Be able to deliver

If you are interested in supporting my site then please drop me an email
please only email to join if you intend to help, I have had many people join in the past who requested to help but never did.

Thank you for your time