Gamingrev Recruitment (422 views)

Gamingrev Recruitment

I am looking for people to help write for Gamingrev
due to hacking of my site over the last few months (this month being the most destructive)
don’t know what people have to gain attacking my site

I have had to start from pretty much scratch from the backup I had

The site has been changed is more clear cut now and less clutter, the focus for the website is the articles

I am looking for anyone that has spare time to write with me 

it’s shocking at the amount of hack events that are now popping in the logs (I have set up multiple security now)

I have been running my site for 7 years + now and no way in hell am I going to let some people destroy my hobby

the site still gets 25-30k visits a month and more articles it gets published the higher it gets
and the site is pretty established considering the age and you can use articles you write on the site to get press passes in your local area

* English
* can write 2-4 articles a month
* Can be worldwide (I don’t mind where you are from and what your background is)
* be willing to work as team and support each other

What you get in return
* Be part of an established site
* Experience writing for a website
* a place to publish your work

if you are interested please email me at

for anyone that emailed me before I do apologise if I did not respond, with the hacking and dealing with life issues I didn’t have the strength juggle multiple problems