Geek Snack is Now Hiring (Previous Experience Not Required) (464 views)

Our humble website is looking for new contributors and full-time writers who love video games and want to try their hand at writing about them. We are primarily looking for novice journalists who are interested in learning the ropes in a relaxed environment. We are offering a stress-free position where you can write at your own pace about pretty much anything you’d like and we’ll be more than happy to hold your hand along the way whenever you get stuck.

About Us

Geek Snack has been around for a couple of years now and we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs since our inception. While our main focus right now is gaming, every now and again we do tend to talk about other forms of entertainment, as well as the tech industry and you are more than welcome to tackle those topics as well if you wish. When it comes to gaming, we try to provide a fair share or news articles, opinion pieces, lists, and the occasional review.

Our goal is to provide helpful and interesting content for fellow gamers, but we don’t shy away from talking about anti-consumer practices either. Given that we are a privately-run website, our writers are always free to express themselves as they see fit and we want to offer the same opportunity to anyone interested in joining our team.

What We Offer

Like many other small websites, the revenue we generate from ads and sponsored articles is barely enough to cover our hosting fees, so we are unable to offer too much in the way of compensation at this time unfortunately. We are expanding, however, and if your content helps us grow faster we will be able to offer you a fair share of the profits. Geek Snack has always functioned like a meritocracy, so do well and we’ll find ways to reward your work.

Aside from promises, though, we can provide you with a variety of games that will be yours to keep. We get free copies of indies and sometimes even high-profile titles all the time, as well as various pieces of PC and mobile software thanks to the fact that we sometimes write about tech. If you’re interested and can write a piece about stuff like that just say the word and it’s all yours.

Finally, we can also train you to be a good writer and create worthwhile content that people will want to read. Just as important as the writing itself, however, we can provide you with good news sources and teach you all about good formatting, SEO, using WordPress, and where to look for inspiration when you get stuck.

Our Requirements

Previous experience is not required but we don’t mind if you already know what you’re doing. Needless to say, it’s important to have a decent grasp of the English language and be at least somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to video games and the gaming industry as a whole. We don’t really care about resumes and things like that, but we would like to see a sample of your work in order to evaluate your current writing skills.

Simply write a little something and send it to us at Also, don’t forget to tell us a bit about yourself and why you’re interested in becoming a game journalist.