Hey Poor Player is Looking for Contributors (Writers/Videomakers) (643 views)

Are you looking to get started at games writing or are you a wiley veteran looking for somewhere new to call home? Why not apply for a position at HeyPoorPlayer.com?

Here’s some benefits of being part of the HeyPoorPlayer team:

  • Review Copies: Want to get the latest games before release, for free, and write about them? We’ve got you covered. We get plenty of review copy, so you’ll definitely get a shot at reviewing if your writing passes muster.
  • Profit-Sharing: We’ve recently introduced profit-sharing. We are still in the early stages of implementing ad revenue, so we cannot guarantee how much you will receive, but you will receive at least a 50% share of the revenue your articles generate. You will continue to generate this income as long as the site is online, and it will increase exponentially the more you write. Also, full-time staff members will receive a share of the site-wide income on top of profit-sharing on their articles.
  • Exposure and Experience: We get thousands of unique visitors a day, so you’ll have a great chance to get your writing seen! You’ll also get the chance to work with a friendly, experienced team who can show you the ropes of games writing.

What we expect from you:

  • Excellent Writing Skills: You must be a skilled writer with a good grasp of grammar. You should be able to construct a concise, interesting opinion piece without rambling or waffling.
  • A Decent Output of Contributions: You should be able to write one larger article (such as a review or feature) and a few news posts each week. You should be able to work to potentially tight deadlines if you’re assigned to a review.
  • Personality: We want to see who you are in your writing! Whether it’s a dash of humour in your reviews or unique viewpoints in your opinion pieces, your individuality should shine through. Since you might be appearing on our weekly podcast, or in one of our videos, we want you to be entertaining!

IMPORTANT: Please bear in mind that you may be put on a one-month probationary period when starting out, to gauge your eligibility for profit-sharing and review copies. We have to make sure you’re a good fit with us.

WordPress experience is a big plus, but not essential. If you have video-making skill, that’s a huge advantage, as we are always looking for more unique content for our Youtube channel.

Videomakers are urgently needed at this point in time. If you have videomaking skill, your application will be given priority.

Please include some samples of your writing in your application. Tell us a little about yourself and any relevant experience you may have. Please do not send us more than one application. We receive a very large number of applications when recruiting so please wait patiently for a reply.

Please send applications to: JTrussler@heypoorplayer.com