Join an experienced team at Xbox Sector (409 views)

With a very successful response so far, we now have a number of new writers from America.
Applications are still open for UK/European writers, but we have enough coverage state side.

Exemplary applicants may still be considered, so if you feel you really stand out from the crowd, feel free to drop us an email.

Over the last few years, Xbox Sector has grown to be recognized with developers, publishers and PR companies throughout the industry building up a regular following on the website as well as various social media platforms and now we are looking for passionate gamers, writers and content creators to join the team.

Who are we looking for…

With a team of experienced staff and the owners totalling over two decades in the industry, we are happy to accept applications from new writers and amateurs.  Experience is preferred but certainly not essential as guidance, advice and friendly help and advice is on hand.

The primary requirement is a passion for gaming, and the Xbox One console.  Applicants don’t need to be the best at the latest games, but a love for video gaming is a must.

So, If you are over 18, can read, write and speak fluent English and would like to get involved or further your CV in the video games industry, read on.

What we need…

News Writers

Gaming news is one of the main reason people visit a gaming website and getting the news from a press release, onto the front page of the website is a very important task. It’s a common starting point for many, and an enjoyable practice for the more experienced. 

This position will require the applicant to be regularly available, while an article may only take minutes to put into place, great news can appear any time of the day.

Written Content Creators

A step up from re-hashing press releases. A content creator will still help out with the daily news, but they will also create their own work, top lists, opinion pieces or maybe tips and guides, we are happy for our authors to use their intuition, though specified areas can be allocated if required.

Video Content Creators or Streamers

YouTube is a popular medium for gaming, and with a fairly new channel, we are looking for content creators and video editors to help push the channel to a further audience.

With Twitch becoming ever more popular we are also looking for Twitch streamers to either help manage our own channel, or to add to our host list.

Social Media Assistant

With thousands of gamers following us across Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Twitch 


With a few highly experienced reviewers already on board, any further reviewers would need to cover games they own, that aren’t already on the website, continued high quality reviews will put you at the top of the list should spare promotional copies come available.


An editor will be a jack-of-all trades, but a very good one. News articles, content creation and capable of helping others as well as helping out occasionally with social media platforms.

While certainly the most demanding job, a good editor is likely to benefit the most, from potential perks, and also an every expanding CV.

How much will you have to do…

We understand everyone has a life, possibly a job, a family and other commitments, so we try to remain fair and realistic.

However 2 hours, a week is enough to produce 10-15 ‘quick’ news articles, 2-4 created content articles, or maybe 1-2 YouTube videos or reviews.
Exceeding these numbers would be awesome, but meeting them would be great.

Obviously team members that can dedicate more time, will be trusted with more responsibility and have a far better chance of benefiting from potential perks.

Potential Perks

All positions are voluntary, however due to our exceptional connections and experience in the industry there are sometimes some awesome perks that we are happy to share with the team.

With gaming expo’s, conventions and events all over the world, we can regularly arrange press passes for our team.  There’s sometimes also promo copies of games which have been reviewed and these are always placed as a competition prize for our readers or passed onto an exceptional member of staff to reward their dedication.

There’s also developer interviews and special invite only and preview events that we regularly get invited to and sometimes can’t attend due to location or short notice.

Due to our ever expanding reach, we sometimes also receive numerous copies of game codes, purposely for passing to team members so once again these would be allocated to those who seem most dedicated and passionate, not only to the Xbox One, but also Xbox sector and our continued growth. 

There’s also the fantastic team spirit, the all important experience and also for our dedicated team members, your very own XboxSector email address.

A Few Final Words

As the co-owner of Xbox Sector, I’ve been in the industry about 10 years, starting off with covering small blogs and websites up to major global commercial websites, and more recently regional newspaper.

I’ve done reviews, news, content creation, videos, streaming, competitive gaming and worked as Editor-in-chief, moderator, and administrator for a couple of websites as well as handling the PR for a recently released Xbox One game.

I put my heart and soul into everything I do, and will personally try to help every member of our team to achieve their target if they’re willing to put the dedication in to obtaining it.

What Next…

If you wish to become part of the team, please drop us an email at

Simply outline your current experience, why you think you’d be a great addition to our team and a copy of your online CV if relevant.

We look forward to speaking to you, and hopefully welcoming you to the family.