Looking for eager and inspired writers to help offer unique content in games journalism: (499 views)

Button Masher Magazine, a work-in-progress online magazine/blog focused on delivering unique and timeless content centered around video games, is looking for passionate writers/journalists willing to jump on board early and work to deliver unique content to readers not available from other publications.

Because we are still laying the ground work, current positions will be volunteer only. That is, however, subject to change at a later date, or if you specialize in certain areas such as graphic design or web development. In the mean time, volunteering with Button Masher is an incredible opportunity for new graduates and aspiring writers to write about what they love — video games — with minimal limitations and have it published online. 

Our focus, unlike most publications, will not be on upcoming AAA releases. It will not be on reviews. The goal will be to provide readers with unique and timeless content in editorial or series format that offers insight and opinions on video game topics that aren’t often explored. If this description sounds like something you’d like to help with, or if you have questions or seek more information, please send questions to:


If you are looking to contribute content, please include 2-3 samples of your previous writing work. 

Thanks for reading.