Looking for Editor/Reviewer/Jack of All Trades (259 views)


My name is Barry Hodgson and I run Computers N Stuff and have done for probably over 10 years now. I’ve never really made much of it, but I loved doing what I was doing and whilst I was by no means the best writer on earth, I had my style and was happy enough coasting along doing my thing.
Unfortunately, real life happened and it’s been pretty neglected for the last 2 or 3 years and I’ve not really done a lot with it, which to me is a huge shame. 

There’s always someone out there looking for a home for their writing, so I propose that if someone is wanting a home for their writing then Computers N Stuff is it – the site will essentially be yours with me footing the bill for the hosting as I am doing now. However, if the site manages to make money, anything over and above the hosting costs is yours to keep – I don’t want a penny from your work. Perhaps, you are already running your own site but are finding the actual running of it too strenuous and would rather just write?

This will allow me to dip in with some writing from time to time and allow me to branch the site out a little further expanding on the “Stuff” part of the name.

Essentially, i’ll take care of all backend things (the website, forums designs coding etc – although if you know your stuff on this as well then it’s a major bonus) and you would take care of everything else.

I also have a very small community which I inherited from the old forums of the Dear Wandy Section of PC Zone which is ripe to be built upon.

If any of this sounds appealing to anyone then please feel free to contact me and we can discuss further. I’m always open to suggestions/feedback/criticism and feel that I’m fairly easy to work with. It’d be a plus as well if you’re streaming too, as it’s not something i can do (absolutely hate talking and being on a camera so don’t think someone would want to watch me silently play a game!). Please provide me with 2 written samples,  or links to any previous work.

I Look forward to any applications that come my way.