Looking For Many Inspired Writers with a Love of Games and Entertainment (505 views)

Hey, I’m Jay.

I own and operate a site called Geekly NG and I am looking to bring on as many new and inspired writers as I can.

What we cover:

  • Gaming
  • Film
  • Tv
  • Tech
  • Comics

The biggest focus of the site is Gaming, but writer’s have the freedom to write about anything.

Geekly NG even has an ETC section where you can literally write about anything you want.

When you officially get signed on, I will send you a PDF that I have made for Geekly NG writers that goes into much more detail about it all.

It serves as a both an Introductory Manual and a Writer’s Handbook.

I also like to have a very active team and I do so via Facebook Chat.

It isn’t mandatory, but it is a great way to keep in touch and get to the know the team.

Sticking to emailing will suffice.

Hopefully I have fancied you into applying at Geekly NG, looking forward to reading your applications.