Looking for writers to join the Irrelevant Gamer Team! (1213 views)

Irrelevantgamer.com is looking for writers to join the team and build a bigger audience and accomplish something bigger.

Irrelevant Gamer has only been around for a year and some change, we’re fairly small but there is big potential for us. We generally post gaming news, reviews and Movie/Video game trailers, and other things that we find awesome. We are in need of good writers who would want to write about the things listed above.

There aren’t many qualifications that are needed to be a writer for irrelevant Gamer, but the few that are needed are very important.

  • Have a good understanding of using WordPress and posting through WordPress
  • Has a grasp of SEO
  • Good communication Skills/ have a drive to be successful
  • Reliable
  • Has time

If you don’t have any knowledge of the things above, that is okay you can still apply and we can help in anyway possible. This will probably the easiest and funnest opportunity you could shoot for.

At the moment, this is a non-paid volunteer position but if you stick along for the ride that can surely change!