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All registered authors receive revenue through their advertising. Your content, your earnings.

Think of it like this, Youtube lets you post videos and as an incentive they allow you to show advertisements. Youtube receives 45% from ads while you receive 55%. Youtube ad revenue

We have developed an advertising share program. Simply copy-paste your Google AdSense, Amazon Affiliate or any other advertising code into our advertising share widget and the system takes care of the rest. Your code will be shown on your blog postings. shares ad revenue by a 25/75 split.

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Post Standards

Our readership trusts that we’ll maintain a certain standard for the content posted to our blog. Therefore, we:

  1. Will not accept posts that cover basic-level information found all over the web.
  2. Will not accept posts that lack focus, have loose sentence structure or that do not have a clear call to action.
  3. Will not accept poorly written posts that contain bad grammar or punctuation errors.


MMOGearFinder readers expect to find valuable, useful, and actionable content within the blog that offers insight and inspiration. Our guest bloggers are experts within their fields. We expect that the material written will educate, inform and inspire action within our readers.

  • Be creative. There are plenty of posts on how to play an MMO. Think about how you can present those topics in a new and unique way.
  • Are there social media tips, tools or tactics that you have applied to improve your video game experience? Share your results and challenge our audience to implement this new strategy.
  • Do you feel strongly about something happening within a game title? Dive into the specifics, but make sure you have supporting documentation. We’re not interested in wild accusations or unsubstantiated claims.
  • Think of innovative ideas or social media topics that haven’t been covered on other blogs. Say something new.
  • Research our past posts to get acquainted with our topics. What haven’t we written about? Offer our readers a fresh perspective or new way to use a specific tool or tactic.
  • We like interesting posts and so do our readers. Incorporate a metaphor, story or analogy that draws readers in and creates stimulating conversation.


Our blog’s focus is on the MMO game player.

  • Make sure your post topic fits into the realm of MMO’s with a particular slant towards class guides, tips, education, or other skills needed to thrive online.
  • Stay focused. Make sure your post is relevant to the topic at hand and clear in the value the reader will receive.
  • Tie your post into the mindset of the gamer no matter the topic. Make certain that you clearly convey how your post will help to improve their understanding of the game.

Posting Basics

  • Our audience is video game savvy. Don’t speak down to them. Assume they’re already knowledgeable and dispel with the basics.
  • Include a small paragraph about you and your history and include links to your social sites as well as your website or blog.
  • We love to link back to relevant posts . Please add one or two links within your article.  This includes any data, statistics or sources you mention.
  • We also encourage linking out to relevant sources. Feel free to add external links as long as they substantiate your writing or provide additional value to the reader.
  • Affiliate links are never ok and will be removed.
  • Add an appropriate graphic via the Set Feature Image widget. This uploads the image to social media properly.
  • All articles must be new and not submitted anywhere else across the web. We will run each article through Copyscape to ensure it hasn’t been published anywhere else.
  • Your guest post will be exclusively published on