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And we feature editorials/columns covering every aspect of the industry, from conceptual analyses to interviews with development studios.

We are currently seeking writers who are eager to contribute columns on any topic related to MMOs. Some examples include “Black Desert’s Buy To Play Model Wont Work,” and “The Most Memorable MMORPG Soundtracks.” We are interested in covering a wide range of topics and the full list can be viewed by visiting

About The Position:

Contributors will write about aspects of the industry they’re passionate about exploring. We don’t want to dictate your work, it should stem from a natural curiosity because you’re enthralled with MMOs and its culture. But our editor will work closely with you to brainstorm ideas if you like, and we have a long backlog of editorials to be written.

~500 word minimum per contribution, and there is no maximum word count. You can see an example of a smaller post here: “MMO Hopping Is Incredibly Common,” (~471 words). But other posts such as a recent review of the Steam Controller have ranged into the thousands. We want you to take as much space as needed to elucidate your point. But we do treat brevity seriously and you will work with our editor to refine your article.

You will work closely with our Editor. All works are edited with thorough feedback and explanations from our editor. We treat the editing process as a discussion and contributors are free to dispute any change they feel unwary or unsure about. We want to work with writers who are willing to learn and share a passion for both writing and MMOs. But no article is published without the final consent of the author.

Editorials must be exclusive and not copied from a personal blog or other website. We don’t want writers to submit verbatim articles they have already written for another website or their own personal blog.

The position is non-paid but we are a young site that is quickly growing and the potential for full time employment is possible in the future, based on contributions and quality of work. We can offer link-backs to any personal blogs, social media profiles, and exposure to our rapidly growing audience, through social media postings and front-page display on the site.

Contributors Should Have:

Passion for MMOs and the industry

Strong command of the English language..

Willingness to learn and work with our Editor.

If you’re interested in working with us you can contact our editor Sean by emailing him at Please include a writing sample that demonstrates your command of the English language (it doesn’t have to be related to the industry but is preferred).

We look forward to hearing from you! ^_^