Twinfinite Is Looking For Personable Contributors (PAID) (832 views) is recruiting personable video game contributors! We’re looking for motivated individuals that have the skills to cover the biggest video game news stories and write entertaining features for our audience. We are looking for someone that can effectively inject personality and humor into their writing, while still informing our readers. Video games are fun, and we think video game writing should be fun, too!

This is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and join a rapidly growing website with over 13 million views per month. Competitive applicants must have EXCELLENT English writing skills (and the aforementioned personality), know where to look to break news (without supervision), have the creativity necessary for writing fun features, and can invest enough time to write at least 10 posts per week. Being able to write certain hours between 9 AM and 6 PM EST is preferred (we’re looking primarily for daytime staff writers). Also, experience using WordPress is preferred. Performance based compensation (pay per thousand views) is available.