PAID Writers: PlusMana is Hiring! (72 views)

WHAT IS PLUSMANA? is an anlaytical-centric blog that covers gaming, esports and hardware. After a relaunch and rebranding exercise in May 2017, we have seen a surge in traffic and are looking to expand by hiring more paid writers.


Some argue these niche are already saturated (e.g. Kotaku has established a strong following in the gaming scene). PlusMana has recently published a recruiting pitchbook articulating why we are uniquely positioned as a brand – read the pdf copy of our recruiting pitchbook here.

In essence, we believe that as gaming, eSports and hardware converge on the same target audience, PlusMana will be well-received as a one-stop blog for analytical pieces in these three niches – the Google analytics pattern after we relaunched certainly seems to reaffirms this (see recruiting pitchbook).

Not convinced? Since our rebranding in early May 2017, we are averaging ~300 unique views per day and increasing.


Get Paid $2 Per Article: Some sites might look to grow by recruiting an army or legion of free writers to post regular content, with no regard for quality, merely quantity of posts. PlusMana respects your time, and we firmly believe well written articles are worth paying money for. PlusMana pays a guaranteed flat rate of $2 USD per article – payed to you via PayPal upon publication of your article (flat fee comes with a variable component on number of viewsas one becomes more seasoned).

Get Heard: Our track record speaks for itself. We have garnered strong consistent viewers over time – rest assured that your carefully crafted opinion will be heard on the web, instead of being lost amongst the sea of clickbait titles and articles. PlusMana offers you the platform to raise your profile online, as the site grows in stature. Aspiring to make a career out of the video games industry? This might be the opportunity you are looking for.


If you are a geek with a strong command of English, along with a strong interest in one of the following areas of interest, PlusMana welcomes you to join us! Feel free to find out more at our dedicated hiring page @

Gaming: We are looking for gamers who have a UNIQUE voice and point of view when it comes to the hottest topics on the scene – we are not looking for writers who can paraphrase what 90 other reviews have said about a recently released AAA game. An example of an article well-received by our readers – and

eSports: eSports (Electronic Sports) growth as a form of mainstream entertainment is undeniable, and we are looking for a team of writers that can bring quality content to both the hardcore crowd that plays competitive games themselves, as well as the casual observers who only tune in to big annual tournaments. Examples of the type of articles we are looking for include:

  • A guide to watching competitive DOTA 2: What You Need to Know?
  • Play-by-Play Breakdown: How <Team Name> Won the World Series?
  • Interviews with Pros and Aspiring Semi-Pros

Hardware: Peripherals, hardware and gaming room setups are the living representation of what being a geek is truly about. If you take great pride in talking about the latest gadgets and hardware releases, we would love to hear what you have to say. An example of an article well-received by our readers –


  • Writers are expected to submit a draft (quick description or bullet points of the ideas to be covered in their published piece) to the editorial team
  • Editorial team will read and review the submitted drafts – if the draft is in line with what PlusMana is looking to publish, the green light to proceed will be given
  • Upon reviewing your final piece, assuming the piece is up to standard, we will wire US$2 to your PayPal account before publishing the piece on the site
  • Do note that the editorial team reserves the right to decline posting your final articles (e.g. if it is not up to standards) – in such a case, no piece will be published and no payment will be made


  • We have no restrictions in terms of the amount of articles you can submit (there is no minimum, or maximum per week)
  • Contributors will be granted access to our wordpress CMS (with draft submission privileges only); A 101 guide will be provided to newly onboarded writers on how to navigate the WordPress CMS
  • The PlusMana team will be publishing articles for you under your name to ensure a consistent look on the website


  • PlusMana was founded back in 3Q 2016, and underwent a rebranding in early May 2017 (along with a change in management and editorial team) –
  • The site is currently averaging 300+ unique viewers a day(feel free to email us if you need verification of Google Analytics data)


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