Part Time Writer / Video Person Needed (779 views)

TX is nice)
February 14, 2017
Who is GamerzUnite?

We’re a small yet nimble gaming community that hunts down the more obscure and odd ball gaming news to post while occasionally venting about the happenings of the industry in various OpEd gaming articles. Oh and not to mention we’re a full fledged Lan Party & Gaming Event Directory.

Who We’re Looking For?

We have a need for a Part Time Writer who also has some video skills.  Someone who can fill a few writing gaps for us and has a flare for video production. Ideally you’re someone who simply needs a little extra work. Someone who loves video games in most every form! From arcade and old school Nintendo down to the latest mobile app or browser based games and all the way back up to having a few AAA games you love. We require this person to be in the North American continent and timezone, preferably the United States or Canada, most preferably in the Dallas, Texas area (Bonus points!). However, the candidate MUST speak and write perfectly good English!

What You’ll be Doing?
  • Writing 2-3 News articles a day from Mon-Fri
  • Writing 2 News articles over the weekend (Sat-Sun)
  • Writing 1 OpEd/Preview/Review style article per month

Part of this will include doing your own research into the topic you’re writing about which includes the ability to use Google and probably Photoshop (or your Photo Editing program of choice) to resize and crop graphics for said article posting. In other words, we’d like you to have at least some “Basic” photo editing skills. Some very basic HTML is needed as well (For our WYSIWYG).

You might also get the chance to do some interviews with Game Developers so keep that in mind.

Will You Get Paid?

Yes! Our rate is 0.1 cent per word (non-negotiable) and $0.50-1.00 per minute of video (depending on experience). Beyond this payment arrangement, we also pay birthday and Holiday/Christmas bonuses.  Aside from that, you’ll be trained up on our systems and also helped by other writers on the team that have a lot of knowledge in Web & SEO should you desire to expand your own knowledgeable. 

Below is a breakdown of our desired article word count as well;

  • 200+ word news posting with cropped/resized title image.
  • 1,500 – 2,500 word OpEd article posting with title image + up to 10 cropped/resized images
  • Game Previews are 1,000 – 1,500

Do keep in mind that we’re kind of a small start up in terms of revenue so we can’t pay high dollar.  Heck, most sites don’t even offer anything but the opportunity to put this on your resume which helps of course but we feel your time is at least worth something, right?

Oh, and there are always other forms of payment we can offer such as possible trips to E3 and Quakecon in the future as well as a free game here and there.

BONUS points for the following:

  • Good with voice overs
  • Has YouTube and/or Twitch Casting Experience
  • Has Web Development Experience
  • Auto Industry & General Car Knowledge (For Car games and also another site we run.)

We list the above qualifications because there might be more work in those areas in the near future as we’re looking to expand.

How do you Apply?

Shoot us an e-mail to david [at] gamerzunite [dot] com and tell us about yourself. List any prior writing experience with gaming or just in general as well as any examples you may have.