Podcast host, YouTube voiceover and Charity Work (366 views)

Hi all first of all thanks for looking over this post, I have been running this site for around 5 years and there have been times were we were sponsored and I could pay the staff for content created but like always sponsors go away.


Anyway what I am looking for is usually not people for written content but people that can give me 30-60 minutes a week for our podcast. I can record any weekday night after 8pm or so and free all weekends. So whenever would best suit you.


I am also looking for people to review games, now this is something that we get sent most of the games we can get you to review the only publishers that don’t send out games are EA, Capcom and some Sony games. What I am looking for with review is not written but if you just play through and then record yourself then send me the voice file I will combine it to some gameplay of the game and get a video review up.


I have seen the trend that our big written reviews only get say 1,000 views a month but we get no money from this but I did a video review for a racing wheel and this has had over 100,000 views on YouTube so we do make money from this.


I am also very interested in anyone that is a good video editor or an animator as I have 2 special projects in the works.


I would also at this time like to say at the end of April this year we are celebrating our 200 podcast and have organised a charity dinner in aid of Diabetes UK up in Glasgow so anyone local ish could come up meet the fans and be a part of this amazing day we have planned Retro gamers we will have Sensible Software’s Jon Hare there as our host for the night.

So that’s about it thanks for getting this far of me just rambling through and really hope we can chat in the future.


Email us Contact@OneUpGaming.co.uk


David Cameron