Screen Critics Is Looking For Features Writers & Reviewers (485 views)

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for anyone who’s looking to make their mark in the industry. We offer feedback, guidance and an audience eager to read your work.

We also actively encourage our staff to further their careers – as several members of staff have moved on to achieve paid work elsewhere.

We’re not interested in news coverage.

We’re looking for any writers who want to talk about ;

  • videogames,
  • television,
  • movies,
  • wrestling.

We’re looking for passionate opinions, interesting points of view and a new perspective.  Want to talk about old videogames? Jump in. Want to discuss how the latest blockbuster didn’t take your fancy? Go for it. We offer our writers complete freedom in the topics they choose.

Experience in the industry isn’t a requirement. All we ask is that you have some ability to write.

The minimum expectation is one article a week. This can be discussed after the application process. 

About Us

Screen Critics launched on November 28th 2016. In the months since then, we’ve achieved over 200,000 unique visits, covering all aspects of media.

We primarily focus on features, reviews and opinion pieces in the fields of;

  • Videogaming
  • Entertainment (Television and Movies)
  • Wrestling

We have dedicated social media channels, with over 14,000 Twitter followers and a daily average of over 1000 website visits – we’re rapidly growing every month.

Several of our staff have moved on to paid positions elsewhere – something we’re very happy to encourage anyone who joins us to do the same.