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Do you live for video games? We just happen to be looking to expand our team of passionate gamers and writers.  Note : We are also looking for those who would like to volunteer their time as Editors.  That we can never have enough of.

GameGuiders wants to be a site that keeps up with the daily  news but concentrates on opinion pieces on those topics that matter.  This brings a more in depth look into the world of gaming whether the piece be about something that is in-development, new, or just announced for the following year. We are there the minute we hear about it from the developers. We are looking to grow and in order to do that we are looking for content creators to jump on board.

Our Requirements:

– All articles must be at least 300-650 words.
– Must be 18 years and older
– Have a passion and dedication to gaming
– Willing to learn all about the field, that being said, you should have a talent for showing your true understanding of games, how they work and identify with the audience’s need for easy to understand and informative reviews and guides.
– Whether it be part-time or full-time(8 hours or more), dedicate yourself to those periods during the week and if needed catch up during the weekend.
– Willing to stay with us long-term and not just leave after the first month. We want you to grow, as well as continue to grow with us!
What will you get in return:
– Flexible schedule during the week and you get to work from home,
– You receive codes for games to review, once your prove yourself to the team

-Writers will eventually have access to a shared steam account to gain access to games for review purposes.
– If you know English and write it fluently without a problem, then the opportunity is open to everyone!
– NO monetary at the moment, but will be added later on if you stick with us long enough.

Should you wish to apply, please send all applications to; You will need to have a cover letter explaining why you would like to join GameGuiders, as well as a sample article written by you (must be gaming related). The piece must be new and from the hottest topic of that day in gaming, and it has to be between 300 and 500 words (with sources included). We are looking for reviewers as well, but are not looking for game review submissions as part of your application package.  An opinion article will show us your understanding of the gaming industry better than a review.