Startup gaming site Flicktoid is searching for paid and volunteer writers (599 views)

The position

Flicktoid is a brand new website seeking to become the leading authority in gaming coverage. It’s an exciting time to be apart of games given everything the Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch have to offer! As a media outlet, we would love to be able to cover these three core platforms and more, but we’ll need an amazing, enthusiastic team of writers to do so. 

As a brand new site, we can’t guarantee much in going terms of payment, but for those interested in going the extra mile to help Flicktoid grow by contributing more to our content creation, these writers will be given half of any revenue made via their articles. This splits the team up into two tiers:

  1. The Writer Position: For those interested in helping Flicktoid grow as much as possible, we ask that you contribute just a tad more. You’ll be responsible for writing 10 short news pieces per week and will receive half of any ad-revenue your articles earn paid via PayPal. While we can’t guarantee much of any payment now given we’re a brand new site fresh on the internet, the faster we grow and the more content we put out will hopefully lead to larger paychecks for our amazing team! News coverage will be pre-determined by the Editor-in-Chief. 
  2. The Contributing Writer Position: This position will be for those who want to contribute to helping Flicktoid grow, but may not have the extra hour or so to put up 10 news pieces per week. Contributing writers will be expected to put up 5 short news pieces per week. While this position is voluntary, you can at any time switch to an official writer position and begin earning payment at a time best-suited for you! As Flicktoid grows, the contributing writer position will become a paid role, but for now we can only guarantee that benefit for our writer position. 

We will also attempt to secure review copies of upcoming video games beginning this fall, so if you were ever interested in reviewing an early copy for any of the games we’re able to secure from developers, the game would be yours to keep once you’ve put the review up. Writing features, opinions, guides, etc would be entirely optional, but you’re more than welcome to use Flicktoid as a platform for you to get your pieces out there and read by our readership.


Applicants must be at least 17 years or older. Please include any past experience, if applicable, to your application (first timers are welcome to!) and attach at least two video game related news article samples. Accepted applicants must be willing to use Discord, Freedcamp and WordPress, so if you do not already have an account with these three services, please create an account as soon as possible so we can get you set up on the site as quick as possible should your application be accepted. If you would like to submit your application manually, please email us at

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

– Flicktoid

Who are we?

Launched in 2017, is the leading authority on everything gaming related that serves readers across the U.S. and around the world. Flicktoid is powered by its dedicated staff, a close-knit group of self-motivated independent contributors that tirelessly work to provide in-depth coverage of games that we feel our readers should know about. From triple-A blockbusters to hidden indie gems, any game worth knowing about you’ll discover on Flicktoid first.