The Lunawolf Gaming family is expanding for writers (252 views)

The team at Lunawolf Gaming is currently expanding and we’re looking for several new members to join our team or ‘pack’ as we sometimes refer to ourselves. We have a nice cozy den which has become a little empty which is why we’re currently looking for some new writers.

In addition to writers, we will be expanding to podcasts, YouTube and Twitch later this year. Anyone interested in this is also welcome to message us to discuss it.


We are looking for writers who can do feature/opinion/editorial pieces and also reviews/previews of games. You may do both if you wish or only one.

Everyone in our team must write at least one article per week but we welcome and encourage you to write as often as you like each week. Currently we cannot offer payment but we are looking into possible options for this right now. However, you will be paid for writing extra articles relating to major conventions e.g. E3.

Here are some noteworthy benefits of working for us

  • Review codes for indie games
  • Bi-weekly voice calls to discuss the website
  • Everyone is getting special avatars courtesy of our artist
  • A discord channel for regular and open discussions with the owner and other members of the team
  • Good understanding of the English language
  • Willing to learn
  • Reliable and timely
  • Knowledgeable about games (technology/card games/ table top games is a huge bonus)

Applying to join us is straightforward and if you’re accepted, you should hear back from us within 48 hours of your first message.

What we need from you

  • 3 Samples of your past work (at least 300 words long and delivered as email attachments or links)
  • A list of the consoles you currently own
  • Any previous experience

You must be 18 or order to be considered.

Send your application to :