Video Game Opinion Pieces Wanted (827 views)

It’s been nine months since Pause Resume launched, but since then we’ve continued to grow and we’re now looking for fresh talent to take us to the next step.

We focus on quarterly updates, pushing our best quality editorials and exclusive interviews out once every three months. 

In between these quarters we focus on reviews and opinion pieces and this is where you come in.

We’re looking for 500 word opinion pieces to publish on the site between now and our Q2 2017 launch on April 10th.

Unlike other sites, we won’t force you to commit to X articles per week.  We want you to produce a (minimum) 500 word opinion piece on any subject you like to start with, and if we deem it of a high enough standard we’ll publish it.

So, if you want to become part of one of the fastest growing video game websites, make sure to:

  • Submit an idea for an opinion piece to us – we’ll then tell you our thoughts
  • Write the opinion piece
  • See your work published
  • Build your Pause Resume portfolio towards crafting longer written pieces

Please be aware that this position is a voluntary one.  But as we grow, we’re looking to offer paid roles in-line with our growth in the future.

In order to apply, please e-mail our editor-in-chief: with examples of previous work (if you have any) and ideas for a video game opinion piece (covering any subject), maximum of three ideas.