Write Anything Games related – Seeking Writers , Reviews and More (487 views)

Hello, and thank you for your interest in joining us. TheTrollsCreed is a game related website, we publish reviews, news and more! Pretty much anything that’s games related. We started this site with 2 simple goals. Honesty and Fun. We wanted this site to be fun for both readers and writers. Writers are given the opportunity to freely express their opinions with no boundaries.

If you’re an industry veteran looking to help out new writers, interested in games journalism, eager to show off your talents or have nothing better to do then you have stumbled on to the right ad my friend!

What you have to do to apply is:

  • Send an email to “TrollsCreedSite@gmail.com” Tell us your preferred platform of choice and whether you prefer to write News or Reviews or both!
  • Include everything you think should be included, if you have any past experience, talents, skills, etc

The site has no requirements since the site is still new, so don’t be afraid to apply! As long as the effort in your work is shown, you should be fine. 

Questions are welcome, and we will try to respond to every single one.