GameLuster needs writers. (307 views) is seeking writers!

We are a small, growing site and want to build ourselves up around new writers. Have passion and vision? Want to write about games and be part of a website? Being a small site understaffed at the moment, what you bring to us could shape our identity strongly. We’re open to new ideas! If interested, see details below. All positions are currently volunteer.

-Writing positions-

We are seeking writers of any kind: news, reviews, or features. You could just do one, or you could do all three! To apply, please send us 2-3 writing samples. These could be an article published online, a college essay, a review you submitted to GameFAQs, or even something you wrote just now for this application. We need to see what your writing is like. We’d prefer if at least one writing sample has to do with video games.

In addition to your writing samples, please also include a brief personal statement on why you want to write for a game website. It could be two sentences, it could be two pages – as long as it gets the point across, it’s fine.

If you have a resume, please include that as well.

Send all writing samples, statements, and resumes, if applicable, to We hope to hear from you!

-GameLuster Staff