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Who are we?

Goomba Stomp is the joint effort of a team of like-minded gamers from across the globe. Brought to you by the former editors of the world-renowned film magazine Sound On Sight, our goal here is to keep things focused, fresh and original. For those with an interest in the broader industry, the crew here is steeped in anything gaming-related and our hope is that we can build a small, but successful community with passionate gamers from around the world. Goomba Stomp is a website built and maintained by passionate and dedicated gamers and our aim is to explore the medium in its every facet and deliver excellent original content pertaining to it. We are an independent voice that you can count on for insightful commentary on the industry, long form articles touching on the idiosyncrasies of gaming and development, with the occasional lists and regular features as well.

Why choose us?

We launched our site at the start of 2016 and we have already established a large and dedicated following in less than a few months. With over a hundred thousand page views per month (and in less than a year no less), our Google ranking is quickly climbing and our articles are not only read but shared across the internet.  

We are not in the business of producing clickbait nor do we ask our writers to churn out the same boring news stories found on every other website (something we take pride in). Instead, we are looking for talented writers who can deliver intelligent, well written, sometimes funny, but always engaging content. Writers have tremendous freedom when it comes to the subject matter they choose to write about and while editors will suggest themes and subjects to cover, we encourage writers to pitch their own ideas.

There are other benefits to writing for us, such as exposure for your writing, a nice piece to add to your online resume, the occasional free games, and a chance at press badges for gaming trade shows and press events. Not to mention you’ll get to meet and work with a great group of writers who share the same passions that you do for gaming in all its forms. We really want to make sure everyone is writing about what they are passionate about and more importantly, we go out of our way to make sure people see your hard work.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for talented contributors to join our team and help us produce opinion pieces, columns, features, reviews, and/or essays on a gaming, TV and film. If you are passionate about writing, pop culture and love video games, this is an excellent opportunity to become involved in one of the fastest growing independent websites.

Nintendo fans are more than welcome. We love columnists and bloggers who have a unique voice.

Feel free to visit our website @ www. GoombaStomp .com

If you would like to contribute, please email me Ricky at  with a writing sample.

Please understand that because we often receive many applications, we cannot guarantee we will reply to every email, but we do try.

Thank you for taking an interest.