Resume FAQ

Why hasn’t my resume been approved yet?

To prevent abuse and to ensure all resumes are complete, submitted materials go through a manual approval process before going live on the site. If you filled out a resume and submitted it, it will be approved by an admin as soon as possible, usually within 1-2 business days. Sending an e-mail about your unapproved resume will not speed up the process.

Why was my resume rejected?

Most likely because you didn’t fill out every section. Each area needs to be complete before submitting your resume.

Why are complete resumes so important?

An incomplete resume is useless to a potential employer. We want to make sure you maximize your chances of landing a job, and flooding the inboxes of sites that post ads with empty resumes isn’t the way to do it.

What constitutes a “complete” resume?

We only check to make sure something is entered in each field, we’re not scanning to make sure your resume is perfect. Putting one pithy line about how you like to play games might get you approved on the site, but it won’t get you hired. You need to include real, detailed information to tell employers about yourself. Don’t ignore this step, otherwise you’ll never land a gig!

But filling out a resume is hard work!

If you won’t take the time to fill out a resume, why would an employer assume you would take the time to write a good article?

Got any resume writing tips?

Of course we do! Check out a few resume writing tips right here on the site. Our Getting Started e-book also has a section on how to write your resume.