Game Journalism Business Basics

Requesting Review Copies: Free Email Templates

Getting free review copies and early release game keys are some of the best parts about being a game journalist. Actually obtaining review copies on your own takes a little bit of work, of course. We cover the why and how of asking for free review copies in our guide How to Request Review Copies. Now, we're back with full email templates you can use yourself!

Rules to follow:

  • Send no more than two emails: one to introduce yourself, and one no sooner than 5-7 business days after not hearing back.
  • Keep it short and to the point - Nobody has time to read long emails, especially not emails that make simple requests.
  • Put the information the reader will want at the top of the email - Assume no one will read beyond the first 2-3 sentences.
  • Be friendly and personable - Talk to them human to human, not PR machine to PR machine.

First email:

Hello (person's name)!

I'm (your name), writer for (your publication). We cover (type of games the publication writes about).

I'm getting in touch to request a (platform you want the game for) key for (game you want). We'd like to (compelling reason you need the review copy).

Thanks for your time!

(your name)

(your email address at the publication)

Real example:

Hello AmazingGameCompany!

I'm John, writer for We cover strategy games for PC and have recently expanded to include strategy games for consoles, as well.

I'm getting in touch to request a Nintendo Switch review copy of Advance Wars 7, as we'd like to have a review and analysis ready for launch.

Thanks very much!

John McReviewer

Second email:

Hello (person's name)!

This is (your name) at (your publication). I emailed last week asking about a review copy of (game name) for (platform).

I haven't heard back yet, so I thought I would follow up to make sure our emails didn't get lost in spam filters or anything.

Do you have review copies of (game name)? What's your formal process for requesting or receiving keys?


(your name)

(your email address at the publication)