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Zelda and Incorrect Information in Game Journalism

Game journalists need to report accurate information. It's a bit ridiculous that we need to say things like this, but such is the state of the industry. Publications need game journalists to crank out multiple articles per day to keep up with the news cycle. When you have minutes or hours instead of days or weeks to prepare a piece, fact checking is often the last thing on your mind.

A recent video from The Hyrule Journals shows how dangerous hype-based journalism and sloppy writing can be. The piece, titled "The snowball effect of Zelda journalism," investigates the source of a supposed fact that turns out to be untrue, all because sources weren't cited and journalists didn't verify information.

The video does a great job investigating the issue without distributing blame or sensationalizing what happened. (In other words, it's journalism.) Most of game writers would love to have the time to properly validate everything we write about, but the industry, culture, publishing medium, and publishers themselves just aren't set up for that.